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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan


November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: in the end.. there is only lowercase.

In the end, there has been an achievement in a greater understanding of Godard, as well as appreciation for his work. My research took me to many places, some of which, could not really have been included, as time was short, and I didn’t want to just include posts and subjects to show brief research which didn’t really connect to the rest. I feel if connections between the posts/subjects are not made then there is’t  a real understanding of research, or at least on a deeper scale. I mean all  people know these day are words, brief words used to have brief conversation (small talk), nobody understands depth like Godard did, his view of a flattened society in Weekend has in way, I believe come true.

I wanted the blog to flow from scene to scene with density and structure, where each topic is somehow connected. This is a form of association where, we associate one topic to another in some way subjectively, then with a shift to linearity, we explore the topic in depth objectively. This is shown more clearly in the first part of the blog, where instead of giving a detailed description of Godard, in the second or third post as most  people did, I let him build up slowly, through out and when the time is right reveal his background. To me the whole blog is within Godard, the topics are images within in his mind.

Like that of weekend, it has one master shot, with the idea of wholeness, rather than fragmentation. However some posts, such as ‘European Maoism’ do feel unconnected, I also wish there was more time to explore other subject matters surrounding the topic. Overall I’m happy with the style,  though for some it will be hard to consume and digest, it definitely wont become a commodity thats for sure… or maybe not, but i enjoyed working on it… well kind of.

November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: after interconnecting thaughts… kubrick, nietzsche and more.

In my first study diary, I talk about Kubrick.. which  even intrigued me, as to why I would mention him in a blog about Godard and how these two very different film-makers would have anything in common? So later So I later formed some random text on how they are in some way interlinked in the context of Nietzsche. However this was cut out of the blog, as it didn’t really have a place, it wasnt backed by enuff research, and I didn’t want the blog to seem random or too abstract. anyway  I may aswell show my comparison here un-edited and maybe it will be included it in the directors cut.

In an earlier post I mentioned ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ in comparison to Week End Now having time to think about it, these are more similarities than I thought. Kubrick is showing us the past and future of man, ,  Kubrick is bringing order to chaos, the chaos of space, evolution life and randomness, where he shows man rise from to being to  their dominance in space. Giving us a totally apollonian take on it, where man is totally scientific and logical, from which they have ascended, progressed and in the end of space odyssey we see the next evolutionary step,as Nietzsche states after the man is the over-man or Ubermensch.

On the other hand in Weekend, Godard analysing the present state of humanity at that time, is brining chaos to order, or the so called order of bourgeois society and is a Dionysian outlook, showing Apollonian upper classes in chaos, with their own self interests, greed and immorality, humanity is stuck in a ditch heading to its own demise. Due to the oppressive qualities and its lack of oneness with nature, we will slowly be dragged back to primitivism, and in the end  we will come in full circle, by becoming beasts again (cannibals).

2001: A Space Odyssey is very optimistic while Weekend is very pessimistic, but both show that a society cannot be wholly Apollonian or wholly Dionysian. This is very easy to see in Weekend where there are two extremities presented at the beginning and then at the end. While in 2001 the big bad guy is HAL, the Artificial Intelligence unit, which is a wholly Apollonian construct and is the possible downfall of an their  society, as their need for constant advancement in technology can be negative, when technology begins to overtake humanity.

Both directors are smimilar in that they give in depth studies of humans, humanity and where humanity is going, in thier works , both were probably inspired by the spirit of the age.

Then I would go on to defend how Godard isn’t nihilistic and so on… I mean WTF there wasn’t one book that really compared these two directors.

November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: so called semiotics

Group Discussion:

If I was to be honest, the group discussions had very rarely anything to do with Godard and bordered more on just social chit chat. When discussion did break out it normally ended with me talking for ages about how much of genius he was, and why he is like better than anyone else. However the semiotics session did give me new ideas, with good feedback on Godard and how he denatarualizes common cultural myths. This opened up new doors in my studying and thaughts. Godard was more aware than I first thought: in the way he demystifies Capitalism, Gender Myths and Myths related to Cars.

I missed the Lecture on Narrative theory, though I feel my blog covers quite a good amount of this.

Intertextuality on the other hand is something I feel my blog is driven by and built upon. Since Godard was a language enthusiast, I wanted to mainly reference books, novels and philosophy. Though I do feel I could have done more on this part in relation to other Films.

November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: procrastination is a bitch

Yea I kind of found it hard to focus in the initial stage and weeks following, I mean… I kept Getting dragged in and out of Wikipedia articles, some of which had no clarity of words of which could be perceived and understood. Just a total mess of thoughts really. Then the endless array of  Youtube streams… I mean imagine if I had Facebook at that time. How anyone get any research done in the modern age is unknown to me, the amount of distractions available is infinite.

My views became more extreme of this matter after watching a documentary called the ‘Virtual Revolution’ which aired on the BBC (watch it now). After which I decided, there had to be a change in my way of way of thinking, if I was to get any research actually done. A problem of my Generation is its reliance on associative thinking, embedded in them by the digital age and free flow of information. we are becoming less able to think in the old ways of linear motion. This brings about our hatred for studying using books, we jump straight the index, picking out the briefest, terms, words, phrases, paragraphs possible, with out contemplating the whole article or chapter. And then we wonder why we don’t fully understand a text.

We fail to see the wholeness of anything, instead picking out fragments and forming a collage. A produce of the digital age, post-modernism and late capitalism. we only cover subjects briefly with out the need to to go in to detail, ending up in making smaller associative connections with these brief phrases, texts, videos.

A total lack of consideration for detail. well this had to change…back to the books I say, start of associatively but all ways move back in to linearity.

November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: blog showdown


As it is probably clear now, that these so called diaries were written last minute, its hard to find the style my first initial one was written in, which for some reason I was quite impressed with in all its glory, it came out like a blast of a rifle. It also felt quite relieving, due to feeling quite pressured by the subject matter at first , then finding out I already had alot of thoughts, which I could connect it to. My own interests seemed to veer and hover just over and around the film.

After this we were asked to present our blogs in class, while in our groups. Initially I was quite indecisive about whether to show mine or not, also admittedly a little paranoid . However the night before in my boredom, I had created quite a brilliant and epic background via photo shop, which boosted my ego trip.

The background showed the deconstruction of Godard which would slowly happen through out blog, done in a kind of pop art aesthetic, with the key colour red, to show his extremity and so called marxist ideology. Then a flashing image of the ‘end of cinema’ in front of his eyes, which were dicombobulating out of his head. however most importantly the blog is not going to have any images of Godard included in its posts, only the outer image will serve as as Godard, the smaller images limited to one per post, will serve to reveal more about what goes on inside him.

So in my moment of ego driven madness, I volunteered to show my blog,  but only after somebody had shown theirs first, I thought to myself it cant be that shit. and it wasn’t really, if anything it was quite well received.

After this I went to the library and rented out Band’e Apart or Band of Outsiders. Not sure why as I still had not watched Weekend, anyway I failed to get time to watch it , and further failed to return it on time, getting banned from taking books out, in the process of my forgetfulness.

November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: just write it


In the our first session, we got schooled on, academic writing. Something I felt I had alot of experience with during my time doing history at college. In history our essays had to be structured and written quite well, presenting multiple factors, and set in a very dialectic way. However, I also felt as if I had lost my way in doing this, as I found it hard to form a conclusion, forming solid conclusions has always been difficult for me, and probably explains my D grade for the subject.

After the session, I felt the need to make my Blog as academic as possible, with using mainly academic resources, such as the libary and e-journals. However I found that its is hard to not be veered towards the internet, in this information age we live in. But My Blog will mostly have information from books with little referencing to  the internet. I felt this more so due to the fact that, I wanted my writing style to be very approachable and my study diaries would be a sort of, stream of conciousness, where by all the other interconnecting thoughts would link in to the subject matter.

This was not the case of how things panned out, as I left my self behind in my studying, due to a mixture of procrastination and self destructiveness.