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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: after interconnecting thaughts… kubrick, nietzsche and more.

In my first study diary, I talk about Kubrick.. which  even intrigued me, as to why I would mention him in a blog about Godard and how these two very different film-makers would have anything in common? So later So I later formed some random text on how they are in some way interlinked in the context of Nietzsche. However this was cut out of the blog, as it didn’t really have a place, it wasnt backed by enuff research, and I didn’t want the blog to seem random or too abstract. anyway  I may aswell show my comparison here un-edited and maybe it will be included it in the directors cut.

In an earlier post I mentioned ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ in comparison to Week End Now having time to think about it, these are more similarities than I thought. Kubrick is showing us the past and future of man, ,  Kubrick is bringing order to chaos, the chaos of space, evolution life and randomness, where he shows man rise from to being to  their dominance in space. Giving us a totally apollonian take on it, where man is totally scientific and logical, from which they have ascended, progressed and in the end of space odyssey we see the next evolutionary step,as Nietzsche states after the man is the over-man or Ubermensch.

On the other hand in Weekend, Godard analysing the present state of humanity at that time, is brining chaos to order, or the so called order of bourgeois society and is a Dionysian outlook, showing Apollonian upper classes in chaos, with their own self interests, greed and immorality, humanity is stuck in a ditch heading to its own demise. Due to the oppressive qualities and its lack of oneness with nature, we will slowly be dragged back to primitivism, and in the end  we will come in full circle, by becoming beasts again (cannibals).

2001: A Space Odyssey is very optimistic while Weekend is very pessimistic, but both show that a society cannot be wholly Apollonian or wholly Dionysian. This is very easy to see in Weekend where there are two extremities presented at the beginning and then at the end. While in 2001 the big bad guy is HAL, the Artificial Intelligence unit, which is a wholly Apollonian construct and is the possible downfall of an their  society, as their need for constant advancement in technology can be negative, when technology begins to overtake humanity.

Both directors are smimilar in that they give in depth studies of humans, humanity and where humanity is going, in thier works , both were probably inspired by the spirit of the age.

Then I would go on to defend how Godard isn’t nihilistic and so on… I mean WTF there wasn’t one book that really compared these two directors.


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