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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: in the end.. there is only lowercase.

In the end, there has been an achievement in a greater understanding of Godard, as well as appreciation for his work. My research took me to many places, some of which, could not really have been included, as time was short, and I didn’t want to just include posts and subjects to show brief research which didn’t really connect to the rest. I feel if connections between the posts/subjects are not made then there is’t  a real understanding of research, or at least on a deeper scale. I mean all  people know these day are words, brief words used to have brief conversation (small talk), nobody understands depth like Godard did, his view of a flattened society in Weekend has in way, I believe come true.

I wanted the blog to flow from scene to scene with density and structure, where each topic is somehow connected. This is a form of association where, we associate one topic to another in some way subjectively, then with a shift to linearity, we explore the topic in depth objectively. This is shown more clearly in the first part of the blog, where instead of giving a detailed description of Godard, in the second or third post as most  people did, I let him build up slowly, through out and when the time is right reveal his background. To me the whole blog is within Godard, the topics are images within in his mind.

Like that of weekend, it has one master shot, with the idea of wholeness, rather than fragmentation. However some posts, such as ‘European Maoism’ do feel unconnected, I also wish there was more time to explore other subject matters surrounding the topic. Overall I’m happy with the style,  though for some it will be hard to consume and digest, it definitely wont become a commodity thats for sure… or maybe not, but i enjoyed working on it… well kind of.


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