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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: just write it


In the our first session, we got schooled on, academic writing. Something I felt I had alot of experience with during my time doing history at college. In history our essays had to be structured and written quite well, presenting multiple factors, and set in a very dialectic way. However, I also felt as if I had lost my way in doing this, as I found it hard to form a conclusion, forming solid conclusions has always been difficult for me, and probably explains my D grade for the subject.

After the session, I felt the need to make my Blog as academic as possible, with using mainly academic resources, such as the libary and e-journals. However I found that its is hard to not be veered towards the internet, in this information age we live in. But My Blog will mostly have information from books with little referencing to  the internet. I felt this more so due to the fact that, I wanted my writing style to be very approachable and my study diaries would be a sort of, stream of conciousness, where by all the other interconnecting thoughts would link in to the subject matter.

This was not the case of how things panned out, as I left my self behind in my studying, due to a mixture of procrastination and self destructiveness.


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