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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: so called semiotics

Group Discussion:

If I was to be honest, the group discussions had very rarely anything to do with Godard and bordered more on just social chit chat. When discussion did break out it normally ended with me talking for ages about how much of genius he was, and why he is like better than anyone else. However the semiotics session did give me new ideas, with good feedback on Godard and how he denatarualizes common cultural myths. This opened up new doors in my studying and thaughts. Godard was more aware than I first thought: in the way he demystifies Capitalism, Gender Myths and Myths related to Cars.

I missed the Lecture on Narrative theory, though I feel my blog covers quite a good amount of this.

Intertextuality on the other hand is something I feel my blog is driven by and built upon. Since Godard was a language enthusiast, I wanted to mainly reference books, novels and philosophy. Though I do feel I could have done more on this part in relation to other Films.


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