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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: blog showdown


As it is probably clear now, that these so called diaries were written last minute, its hard to find the style my first initial one was written in, which for some reason I was quite impressed with in all its glory, it came out like a blast of a rifle. It also felt quite relieving, due to feeling quite pressured by the subject matter at first , then finding out I already had alot of thoughts, which I could connect it to. My own interests seemed to veer and hover just over and around the film.

After this we were asked to present our blogs in class, while in our groups. Initially I was quite indecisive about whether to show mine or not, also admittedly a little paranoid . However the night before in my boredom, I had created quite a brilliant and epic background via photo shop, which boosted my ego trip.

The background showed the deconstruction of Godard which would slowly happen through out blog, done in a kind of pop art aesthetic, with the key colour red, to show his extremity and so called marxist ideology. Then a flashing image of the ‘end of cinema’ in front of his eyes, which were dicombobulating out of his head. however most importantly the blog is not going to have any images of Godard included in its posts, only the outer image will serve as as Godard, the smaller images limited to one per post, will serve to reveal more about what goes on inside him.

So in my moment of ego driven madness, I volunteered to show my blog,  but only after somebody had shown theirs first, I thought to myself it cant be that shit. and it wasn’t really, if anything it was quite well received.

After this I went to the library and rented out Band’e Apart or Band of Outsiders. Not sure why as I still had not watched Weekend, anyway I failed to get time to watch it , and further failed to return it on time, getting banned from taking books out, in the process of my forgetfulness.


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