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November 29, 2010 / tabrayzkhan

STUDY DIARY: procrastination is a bitch

Yea I kind of found it hard to focus in the initial stage and weeks following, I mean… I kept Getting dragged in and out of Wikipedia articles, some of which had no clarity of words of which could be perceived and understood. Just a total mess of thoughts really. Then the endless array of  Youtube streams… I mean imagine if I had Facebook at that time. How anyone get any research done in the modern age is unknown to me, the amount of distractions available is infinite.

My views became more extreme of this matter after watching a documentary called the ‘Virtual Revolution’ which aired on the BBC (watch it now). After which I decided, there had to be a change in my way of way of thinking, if I was to get any research actually done. A problem of my Generation is its reliance on associative thinking, embedded in them by the digital age and free flow of information. we are becoming less able to think in the old ways of linear motion. This brings about our hatred for studying using books, we jump straight the index, picking out the briefest, terms, words, phrases, paragraphs possible, with out contemplating the whole article or chapter. And then we wonder why we don’t fully understand a text.

We fail to see the wholeness of anything, instead picking out fragments and forming a collage. A produce of the digital age, post-modernism and late capitalism. we only cover subjects briefly with out the need to to go in to detail, ending up in making smaller associative connections with these brief phrases, texts, videos.

A total lack of consideration for detail. well this had to change…back to the books I say, start of associatively but all ways move back in to linearity.


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